Valentin B. Silva


Valentin Silva has been involved in the landscaping industry for over 40 years.  He started in the industry in the early 70's working for various companies in Southern California while learning the different aspects of the trade.  Although his initial background was in construction of landscapes he later ventured into the management side of the industry.  By the late 80's he had decided he would start his own company, thus founding Silva's Lawn Maintenance.  After many years his company has undergone a name change but the same quality service he once offered is still being made available to all of our customers with the addition of a modern approach.

Valentine "Val" Silva

Irrigation Technician

Val Silva has been involved in the landscape industry for over 15 years, and has attended schooling for irrigation systems design and installation.  He continues his education by attending specific manufaturers workshops as their technology changes and improves especially in the area of water use efficiency.  One of said workshops was to become a certified backflow assembly tester with the ABPA in an effort to test and repair backflows for optimum efficacy to verify protection to potable water sources.  He also attended a 4 year electrical certification program through the American Builders and Contractors association which he completed and was certified by NCEER.  This has allowed him to further the applications of electrical services in the landscape industry as far as trouble shooting and wire tracing among other facets.  He has completed a certification program for Landscape Design.

Daniel Silva

Certified Ornamental Horticulturist

Daniel Silva is a certified ornamental horticulturist.  He has been involved in the industry for over 10 years.  He majored in Plant Science and has achieved multiple degrees relating to this field.  His degreees are held in Ornamental Horticulture, Plant Science, Landscape Design, Landscape Management. and Nursery Practices.  His background has helped him design some of the most effective landscape plans to maximize the the efficiency of some of the limited resources found in our central valley.

Abel Silva

Qualified Applicator

Abel Silva is a license qualified applicator in the state of California.  He has been involved in the landscape industry for over 10 years.  The state mandates that all chemical applications be administered by a licensed applicator that maintains a specific hour requirement of continued education in oreder to maintan said license.   By following such requirements Silva's Landscaping Co. is not only meeting legal requirements but also assuring the public about the safe and proper use of chemical near or around them.

David Silva

Landscape Industry Certified Lawn Care Manager

David Silva has been involved in the landscape industry for 16 years.  Over the years he has used his experience to provide his services to different organizations such as Home Depot Inc. and the City of Visalia Parks Department.  His responsibilities ranged from plant identification to intergrated pest management.  Now as part of Silva's Landscaping Co. he has began his accredidation as a certified lawn care manager, this certification is administered by the University of Georgia.


Landscape Design

Landscape Management

Chemical Application

Irrigation System Auditing / Troubleshooting

Lawn Core Aeration

Backflow Testing

Qualified Appicators License No.: 128950

ABPA Backflow Assembly Tester No.: 5-2008

Certified Ornamental Horticulturist

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Ivanhoe, CA. 93235

Phone: 559.798.5024