About Us

Silva’s Landscaping Co. has been servicing the Tulare County area since 1990. We pride ourselves in being able to offer services that many others in our industry cannot due to the lack of knowledge or resources. Even though the landscaping industry is one of the most competitive we are proud to stand apart due to our distinctive qualifiers. While many others are content with maintaining their current knowledge base, we have opted to improve our company by earning degrees in Ornamental Horticulture, Nursery Practices, Landscape Management, and Landscape Design. This knowledge adjoined with over 90 years of combined experience allows us to offer our clients quality but realistic expectations for their landscape.

Our commitment to offer quality service is also evident by the fact that in an effort to offer said services our company meets with the state of California’s regulations to provide a Qualified Applicators License in order to use chemicals. The state of California’s Department of Pesticide Regulation mandates that any one person using chemicals for commercial purposes must possess such licensing. Any violations of this requirement could result of heavy fines, however more importantly such licensing enables clients and potential clients to acknowledge that their landscape company meets all state requirements to handle chemicals in a safe and efficient manner.

Finally your establishment can be assured that entering a venture with our company is safe and reliable due to the fact that our reputation has remained unblemished over the many years of being in business and the fact that we have been able to establish good relationships in both the residential and commercial level. We hope that these few qualifiers that have been discussed can demonstrate how our pursuit of high standards can and will translate to your landscape.


Landscape Design

Landscape Management

Chemical Application

Irrigation System Auditing / Troubleshooting

Lawn Core Aeration

Backflow Testing

Qualified Appicators License No.: 128950

ABPA Backflow Assembly Tester No.: 5-2008

Certified Ornamental Horticulturist

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Ivanhoe, CA. 93235

Phone: 559.798.5024

email: info@silvaslandscape.com

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